About us

About Us

We deliver HR Consultancy and Executive Search services to our client-organizations.

Quantum is a professional recruitment consultancy firm with registered offices in Myanmar.
The firm’s recruitment process is based on proven, in-house methodology customized for each client based on the company culture and industry, so as to select the best candidates and pivot them to stay ahead of the rapidly changing landscape.
To achieve this, Quantum leverages on the latest international best practices and combines with their updated local knowledge and customs.

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Best-in-Class cross industry research capability. Believe every client is long-term strategic partner. Ensure dateline are met with high priority searches. Equipped with practical experience and industrial knowledge. Ensure confidentiality with professional and ethical standards.

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Please download our corporate brochure here. The brochure is in PDF file format so that easy to save and share to mobile devices and computers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at info@quantumtalent.co

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